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Elon Musk Needs to Hurry Up With Some Hover-Jets For Mississippi

“We’re abandoning this bridge,” I explained to the collection of MDOT bridge inspectors huddled around the FHWA inspector who had shown up for a surprise inspection of a handful of bridges in Bolivar County. He was a sharp, no-nonsense, but friendly bureaucrat who seemed intent on closing bridges. We were all standing at a locked gate down a road that looked like it might open itself to us for a collective mud-ride if we were Land Cruiser people. It was overcast in the unseasonable February heat

The Cinematic Stories of Ryan Bingham

America may be facing some strange days, but that hasn’t kept one of our nation’s hardest working Americana songwriters from a summer tour of Europe all while churning out new material and starting a family. Did I mention that the 35-year-old Ryan Bingham is working on songs for a new film with director Scott Cooper, who he previously teamed up with for Crazy Heart ? Christian Bale will star in the new film, Hostiles, which follows an army captain escorting a defeated Cheyenne war chief home thr
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Live Review: Cody Dickinson at the Grammy Museum

“This album is really my love letter to the road,” Cody Dickinson said on stage at the Mississippi Grammy Museum. He was seated in a comfortable armchair in the intimate performance theater next to past Grammy nominee, Shannon McNally, who was there to talk to him about his debut solo album,Cody has been the drummer for the North Mississippi All-Stars for about twenty years. His father Jim Dickinson, played keys on the original studio recording of “Wild Horses” when the Rolling Stones took a few

YMSB's Adam Aijala: A Modern Bluegrass Picker

In the family tree of bluegrass, we start out with the early settlers of the Southern states who brought an array of stringed instruments on their voyage to the New World from the British Isles. Down the tree a few many years, we find the rural spirituals of famous pickers such as Bill Monroe or Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt of Southern Appalachia. In the 1960’s, the family tree expanded—moving westward—growing with America. Follow this line far out to San Francisco on a VW bus where the banjo f
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Nate Currin Live at the Center for Southern Folklore

An RV sat lonely at the far end of the wide-open, Wal-Mart parking lot on a Sunday morning. As the blue-haired ladies drove their sedans past to make their donut run before church, they saw a pleasantly round dog being pushed out the RV’s window. Then a man in his thirties with a beard fell out of the window after the dog.“My door broke on the RV for a while and the only way out was to climb through the window,” Nate Currin explained, “but I fixed that pretty quick. My dog, Max, tours with me.”
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Concert Review: Buckethead at the New Daisy

Shortly after making my way to the front of the crowd at the New Daisy, I asked the sound guy if he could hand me the set list after the show. A bunch of muttering started in the crowd surrounding him.“I don’t think he has one. If I see one—I’ll bring it to you,” the sound guy replied.“The last Buckethead show, all he had was a sign up that said, ‘Long Live Shaolin,’” someone else added.The lights were red and blue in the theater, having an effect similar to the 3D glasses they used to give peop
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Random Review: A Sailor's Guide to Earth

Shooter Jennings has admitted that Sturgill Simpson is the only country singer who comes close to singing anything like Waylon. On the April 15 release,, there is something for country music fans, however, when they sit down for a listen, they will have their boundaries tested as Simpson takes listeners on a tightly orchestrated tour of American music from Motown to grunge and even jazz.Backed by the Dap-Kings as his horn section, jam music fans may find that the cover of "In Bloom," or his orig

Cedric Burnside: Hill Country and Beyond

Cedric Burnside confided that he loves to play at Dave’s Dark Horse Tavern in Starkville, Miss., because it reminds him of an old time juke joint. With its low ceilings, the band literally plays from a hole in the wall at the end of a small corridor defined by curved brick columns between the bar and the pool hall. It is one of the most famous Mississippi Hill Country bars, and we were there, essentially, for the send-off performance for a driving, two man Hill Country blues act nominated for th
Delta Field Notes

Delta Field Notes #3: A Delta kind of Texan

In this issue: Food history, a culinary tour, & more... View this email in your browser Adam Carroll might be a Texan, but the characters in his songs sure do feel familiar. His best-known song, “Ol’ Milwaukee’s Best,” is about a drunk redneck, five times divorced, who is eulogizing his one true love: cheap beer. Our friend and conspirator Warren Hines once told Carroll that he sounded like a folk-singing Larry Brown -- and Carroll replied that he was a huge Larry Brown fan. Now that’s our